Just Like Home Daycare - Where Lifetime Learning Begins
Welcome to you Just like home daycare website. We are a fully licensed group day care center committed to providing quality Early Learning and Child Care for all children. 
We believe that children are entitled to opportunities that support their emotional, social, cognitive and physical growth and development in an environment that fosters active learning, autonomy, freedom, multiculturalism and a sense of responsibility and order. Children are individuals with unique talents, capabilities and aspirations. These qualities need to be nurtured in order for children to flourish in their development. Children who have known respect will value themselves and others. We will provide them with lots of love and attention along with lots of fun and daily activities to help them learn and grow. We hope to teach the children to respect themselves and each other. We believe all children should have a safe and happy environment. We don’t allow hitting, biting, yelling and name calling at any time. Children will be encouraged through positive reinforcement to be nice to their friends.
 Our program has a daily craft, songs, stories, circle time and so much more. We enjoy being outside. If weather is acceptable we will be outside at least 30 minutes each day.
Our door is always open and we welcome an opportunity to talk openly about anything. Any questions that you have for the concern of your child or my home is always welcome.We inform our monthly themes and activities to parents through our monthly newsletter.
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